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Unlike the muscles of the body the muscles  of  the  face are directly attached  to  the  skin  that  covers  them.  This  means  that when facial  muscles  sag, the skin  attached to them sags, too. Therefore,  by  improving facial  muscle  tone,  you  can literally lift years off your face!

Face Aerobics will:

  • Lift drooping eylids, sagging cheeks and jowls
  • Eliminate under eye bags, crow's feet, and double chins
  • Erase line on the forehead and lips
  • Firm and smooth a crepey neck
  • Increase blood  flow and oxygen to the surface of the skin, producing a healthy, glowing complexion that no cream or moisturizer can!

 Face Aerobics  is  the only facial  exercise  program  endorsed  by cosmetic surgeons because the exercises do  not  stretch  the  skin, but  instead  build  good,  solid  muscle  tone.

How does face aerobics work?

"Face Aerobics" is a series of scientifically designed exercises that strengthen and tone the  muscles of  the face and neck area in the  same way that exercise tones and  reshapes the body. During the  exercise  process,  facial  cells  are  oxygenated  with a greater  blood supply,  causing  a  lactic  acid  burn  in  the  muscle. This  generates stronger, more defined muscles, which in turn, results in smoother, firmer  skin. 

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