Custom Design Your Face!

Advanced Face Aerobics will:

  • Create the "high cheekbone look" and a smooth, chiseled jaw line.
  • Raise eyebrows, lift eyelids.
  • Fill out a thin face.
  • Contour the chin.
  • Build full lips.
  • Lengthen and firm neck.
  • Strengthen eyesight.
  • Repair the shaky voice that comes from age!
Take your face beyond a facelift!

After  firming , toning  and  lifting  your  face with  Face  Aerobics, Advanced Face Aerobics targets specific areas to "sculpt" your face like never before! It is important to do the exercises in the first Face Aerobics video for  at least  30 days before attempting the advanced exercises.  Only  then  will  facial  muscles  have  the  strength  and coordination  that  is  needed  to  accomplish  dramatic  results !

Advanced Face Aerobics... It's like bodybuilding for your face!

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